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Aug 23rd

Standing desk benefits – We all know that sitting too long is not good for our body. Unfortunately, most people who work in an office. Or in an office seem to forget this fact they just can not avoid sitting too long; since they spend all day in front of a computer and are too busy with the routine of the day they do not have time to stop and stretch even a few minutes. Sitting all day, especially without proper posture, can result in back pain, leg cramps, neck strain and other ailments.

While stretching and getting a massage can get rid of the short-term effects, over time, sitting for too long on a desk while doing homework or a job can take its toll on a body. This is why standing desk benefits have become so popular. Are you inspired to take your office space to the next level? Standing desks are beneficial to your health. Thanks to its wide weight-bearing capacity, it allows you to install several screens, keyboards, books, telephones … everything you need in your workflow.

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Standing desk benefits helps relieve back and neck pain, the most expensive conditions for employees according to the OE Medicine Journal 2007. Ergonomics studies in the office show increases in productivity between 12 and 18% after an ergonomic intervention in which employees receive well-designed ergonomic furniture.

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