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Aug 26th

Antique bedroom vanity – Not being able to find what you are looking for is really annoying, especially when you are in a hurry and about to be late. And when you do your hair or makeup, it’s even worse! The favorite eye shadow and favorite lipstick have the ability to simply disappear just when you need it. If you also need a new makeup storage to make your life easier, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will be looking at a wonderful photo gallery, illustrating some good ways to organize your makeup at home. When properly treated, make-up brushes can be our best friends! But apart from knowing which brush to use for the mineral powder and what for the liquid foundation, it is necessary to know how to properly clean and put away our brushes so that they serve us well enough.

Whether it is a stump brush, a bevel or an ombreur, what matters is not to deform the shape and structure of the hair. For this purpose, it is best to arrange them up so that the hairs do not come into contact with other objects that may damage them. Several glass, plastic or metal containers can be useful as makeup storage for brushes. Vintage glass jars, shallow glass vases, pots and decorative buckets – these are just some of the aesthetic possibilities. A trick from a practical and aesthetic point of view at the same time is to place a piece of florist foam inside the containers so that the brushes do not fall to the side. However, this trick works only for opaque containers, the sponge being unattractive.

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To hold them standing in a transparent glass or plastic container, you can fill it with glass or wooden beads, decorative pebbles or even grains. Bonus point if the container is unconventional, like a glass candy dish, for example. Fortunately, nowadays one can find many variants of prefabricated makeup storage with several convenient compartments. The transparent plastic, for example, allows us to easily find everything needed without frantically searching the drawers. Makeup storage with several transparent drawers on top of one another provides ample space for mascaras, foundations, eye shadow and blushes, while saving space on the make-up table. A console table leaning against a wall of the room and a wall mirror above can form the corner of perfect beauty. Especially if the table has a built-in makeup storage and a transparent tray that does not block the view to the inside of the drawers.

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