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Aug 22nd

Making vintage bedroom vanity is one of the easiest DIY decorating projects for the home imaginable. All you need is a flat surface, something to support it with, a chair or stool and a mirror. Add a couple of pieces of cloth to keep it all together, and you have an elegant dresser. To make your own makeup vanity, you will have two narrow shelves or storage cubicles of the same height to serve as lateral supports for your vanity. These shelves or niches should be wide and sufficient to firmly support a lid while also allowing space between so that you can pull a chair or deep stool, and that should be a comfortable height to apply makeup while sitting. Add a flat surface that is deep enough to serve as a vanity top back to the proposal of a piece of wood, or visit your home improvement store.

Then, securing your MDF or vanity top wood from its side supports is as easy as inserting a piece of non-slip rubber drawer cover over the top of each of its side supports before adjusting the vanity top. Anti-slip rubber upper drawer liner keeps your safe without nails or screws. Making a dresser is simple, but it can be even easier if you own a narrow table or desk that can be re-used. In that case, all you have to do is dress it up, either by adding cloth to cover it or adding glass on top to protect it. If you are going to dress your dresser with a piece of cloth, choose a piece that is large enough to cover from the top of the vanity on the floor. And if you are super cunning, you can make your fabric cover even more useful by cutting.

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If the room is more contemporary, a large mirror hanging from the frame-less behind its vanity give it a modern look, such as storing your cosmetics and other items out of sight underneath the fabric skirt. For a vintage 1940 dresser, use a satin or velvet cloth for your dresser, along with an ornate mirror framed by sconces. Start your vanity with vintage glass puff pastry powder bottles and perfume bottles for instant charm. By selecting decorative objects that double duty as storage containers, you can create a beautiful and organized dressing table. For a country theme, try to store your cotton swabs and other necessities in old jars, which do not match. Use an antique mirror behind the vanity and baskets to store your cosmetics and other items.

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