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Aug 22nd

Makeup Vanity Lights – Putting makeup requires a little talent but especially a very good lighting in the bathroom! Which light to choose, how to place it … So many questions answered by Chantal Pinault, professional makeup artist. Piece acclaimed for makeup, the bathroom is not always obvious to enlighten to get a makeover. Give priority to natural light, place your lights … Chantal Pinault, professional make-up artist, reveals her secrets for a top-of-the-range lighting to put on makeup in the bathroom.

If the window, and therefore the natural light, is behind us, it will be against the light, which is very bad for putting on makeup. Same thing if the window is placed next to the mirror, only one part of the face is lit, so difficult to make up well.  The perfect configuration is to have a window in height, the light of day is diffused thus in all the bathroom and the whole face is harmoniously enlightened. Placing the mirror between two windows is also a good idea. Note, if you are lucky to have a bathroom with a beautiful natural light, be careful not to block the entrance and traffic. So privilege the glass walls in the shower … But it is unfortunately rare to have this type of configuration. It must then often compensate with artificial light!

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In the bathroom, a white light is preferred, the ideal remaining daylight type bulbs. Without changing your luminaires, you can gain in quality to enlighten you with these bulbs reproducing the quality of natural light. Bonus: this would play on the body and brain to increase vitality and improve mood. What more ?

Pluses, little ones, to put on makeup in the bathroom. Most: Choose luminaires with power dimmer. Put them to the maximum to put on makeup, lower when you want to enjoy the bathroom to relax. On the accessories side, it is recommended to choose a large mirror. If the ideal for putting on makeup remains the light of day, it must be well oriented.  By integrating a second, magnifying this time, is also very convenient to wax and allows to be more precise for the details of makeup. The small bars of light to arrange around the mirror are also practical to get a new look. Be careful, however, that the light is powerful enough.

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