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Aug 21st

The type of studies was probably one of the triggers for the success of best standing desk converter. And that in recent times have become one of the most attractive elements for these workers they spend many hours sitting. And want to try to change those sedentary rhythms with this type of tables. Yet, there are other studies that do not seem to find such a clear correlation that others do find between sitting and health risks. Of the 43 studies analyzed in this report by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. None appeared to provide clear evidence.

Another study that did not support the beneficial effects of best standing desk converter was the one publish in Time in 2011. And that cited in turn the research of Alan Hedge. An expert in ergonomics that explained that changing to one of these tables could be harmful for health. Especially if it was done incorrectly. .

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It has been known for some time that best standing desk converter is problematic. Because it is more tiring, dramatically increases the risk of atherosclerosis. And the additional burden on the circulatory system. And also increases the risk of having varicose veins. Coming from someone who precisely seems more inclined to favor products. Such as chairs oriented to ergonomics. His conclusions seem coherent with that field, of course.

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