Building Bamboo Standing Desk

Aug 18th
Vintage Bamboo Standing Desk
Vintage Bamboo Standing Desk

Bamboo Standing Desk can be as complicated or as simple as you do: you can spend hours of sad time getting carpentry right hand making boxes and cabinets, or you can get creative and recycle. Why not use old kitchen shutters for support and finished cabinets for the desktop- all you have to do is attach a desk and you have a brand new wooden desk, for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

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Place kitchen shutters so that their outer sides are 68 inches apart. Try to find a cupboard that is about 28 inches tall, to be able to table height, about the same length deep. About 20 inches wide-many kitchen remodeling companies selling kitchen shutters pulled from the kitchen work very cheaply. Center Bamboo Standing Desk over cabinet, with an inch lip over all sides. Draw in the same position cabinet the corners on the bottom of the table top.

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Straightened one end of each of the 16 planks to a 45 degree angle with the saw. Arrange the planks into eight corners, with oblique ends to form a right angle. Glue together at oblique joint. Take the desk from the cabinet, and lay flat, the bottom upward. Place the corners on the outside of the corner lines traced on the underside of the desktop. Drill in place. Replace the desk on the cabinets; mount the cabinet well in the corner keeping the planks. Sand the Bamboo Standing Desk, softens the edges and then paint or varnish desired.

Paint the cabinets and desks in the same color to give a uniform finish to the desktop. Wooden cubby storage units or storage cabinets can be used as an alternative to kitchen cabinets. For a truly recycled creation, use a wooden door for your desktop.

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