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Aug 19th

Corner Glass Desk – Replacing the glass window on a desk is easy. No matter what shape or size, with a T-square and a glass cutting tool, you can save costs and hassle to have a glass pane cut in a store by doing it at home. This skill also applies to designing pictures and replacing tops of glass tables, so that’s definitely something that every savvy DIY home-crafter should learn


Measure glass to match the mat on the table. Select the four Corner Glass Desk of the part you want to cut with the permanent marker. Some people will be helpful in drawing a light-guided line along the glass, but this is optional. The glass plate so that the corner or line is along the edge of your work surface with the excess glass hanging outside. Place the T-square on the line so that the top of the “T” is in the corner of the edge you do not cut.

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Keep the Corner Glass Desk down properly with the hand you do not write with. With the hand you are writing with; hold the glass cutting tools firmly as a pen. Place the glass cutting tool on the top glass and the outer edge of the T-square. Press firmly and pull the glass cutting tool along the line / edge of the T-square. You should pull upside down. Place the glass cutting tool aside. Press firmly down on the glass hanging over the edge of the work surface while pushing down on the T-square. The glass will break well on the line.

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