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Aug 22nd

Bedroom Desk Vanity to keep your beauty products in one place. Whether you’re a minimalist or like collecting a lot of things, having a vanity all your own makes you feel more feminine and spoiled. Even smaller homes have a place to accommodate a vanity, such as free wardrobes, wall arches or unused space in general. Take all the corners of the home and curtain it away to create your own private place. If you plan to build your design yourself, you need above average practical skills to do that.


Think about material for the base of your vanity first. For example, choose a chrome-plated metal for a modern environment, a painted hardwood for a traditional look or material whitened for a shabby chic space. Think about the hidden storage you want in the base. Plan on boxes if you want to keep your compresses and makeup brushes put away or cupboards to keep your big makeup cases and manicure bags. Design the base according to your personal style. Add carved lion feet for an interesting detail, iron scrollwork for a gothic or traditional feel or painted flowers for a country theme.

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Select a material for the top that complements your interior style and the base you design. A large cut-faced mirror to keep the shroud shine, a thick frosted glass top for a sophisticated look or a wood one that is colored or painted to match a wood floor. Add extra detail in the design of your vanity top, depending on your storage and viewing needs. Have a hole to place your makeup brush container so that it fits evenly with the top or hole to accommodate cotton ball and makeup sponge cans if you do not want anything considering the top of your desk. Think about your mirror space.

Plan a rabbit cage for more viewing space that includes a mirror that complements the rest of your vanity design, a simple large mirror hanging on the wall above or a caring framed one that is connected to the base. Design your makeup lamps carefully. If your vanity is in front of a window that receives a lot of sunlight during the day to apply your makeup, you may only need a row of lights along the side for nightly beauty purposes. Finish your design by considering the smallest details in your vanity desk. Choose hardware that provides all the elements together, such as crystal buds that put up your perfume bottle collection or simple chrome drawer draws the mixture seamlessly into the base.

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Tips and warnings

Find the perfect vanity chair first if you have difficulty designing your desk. Its shape, fabric pattern and overall design will provide inspiration for the plans in the table.

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