Ideas for Build Wood Computer Desk

Aug 25th

Wood computer desk can be cheaper to build home than purchased finished in the store. The building desk allows you to set the table height and customize other desk features. It may be best to start with a lockout box design that will allow you to chop or build the top of the desktop for your specifications. Ideas for build wood computer desk, load both 28 1/2-by-8-inch boards on a work surface. Measure 8 inches in from each narrow end and make a straight line across 8 inches depth of the board using a framing square. Set the blade depth round saw to 1/4 inches. Carefully cut along the four lines that create two flat grooves in each of the two long narrow boards.

Then for build wood computer desk.  Mark screw locations on the two largest pieces of 3/4 inch timber. Measure and mark 29 inches from one end. Place the framing square with an inner edge toward the side of the board, and make three dots, one in the middle and another dot 1 inch in each side. Make sure that both the big pieces, which are your desk sides, have precisely matched screw locations.

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Measure 3/8 inches from the top and make a dot 1 inch from the back, mark another dot insert 6 inches from the back. Then for build wood computer desk, drill holes right through desk sides at each dot made to the screw holes using 1/16-inch wood bit. These holes will make the assembly easier so you can line up with the screw holes.

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