Painting Bedroom Vanity Ideas

Aug 19th

Bedroom vanity ideas – Transform an old worn bedroom dresser with a new coat of paint. Flip through the design and decoration of interior magazines or use linens for color inspiration. Keep the old hardware or place the knobs and strip for a new look. Several layers of paint are required when painting furniture. Understand that the project may take several days to complete. You should always work in a dust-free environment with plenty of ventilation. Remove all drawers and doors from the bathroom set. Mask the mirror of courtesy by placing painter’s tape on the mirror. Cover the remaining area with plastic mirror for additional protection. Mask any other item that should not be painted, including cloth on the chair or in the faces of a dresser. Cover the seat part with plastic for added protection.

Then, loosen all hardware, including knobs and pulls. Put the hardware in a plastic bag if reuse. Designate a painting area. Place the canvas covers on the floor. Cover the area with additional plastics as needed. Sand all the vanity tarnishes the surface. Use fine sandpaper to medium grain and sand the surface in the direction of the grain of the wood. Wipe off the dust with an anti static cloth. Open windows with wide air circulation. Wear latex gloves for additional protection. Pour a small amount of paint into a paint tray. Use a foam roller and apply the paint to the vanity using a light, even roll. Cover the surface of furniture and accessories, including stool and mirror. Use a two-inch brush for the areas the roller cannot reach. Do not apply thick paint; instead apply several layers of paint. Allow the paint to dry 24 hours.

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And then to paint perfect bedroom vanity ideas, decide if additional decorative painting treatments should be included. The antiquity and the anguish of the vanity slightly sanding the edges. Rub the corners using sandpaper to remove an upper portion of paint. Remember that the previous layer of paint or wood stain will show through. Glaze the vanity by mixing ocher paint with the enamel; Mix one part of paint to four parts enamel. Wipe the dressing table with a clean cloth and let the enamel mixture sink into crevices and cracks in the furniture. Lightly erase and manipulate the enamel to adjust the coloring. Allow to dry. Apply a thin layer of water-based polyurethane. Gently brush over the polyurethane in thin layers. The brushing of the sealant in too thick will cause it to run and turn turbid.

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