Standard Heights for Corner Desk Shelf

Aug 19th

Corner desk shelf provides work space and storage space in a living room, home office or child’s room. Although there are many different types of desks, they all serve some of the same purposes. Adding shelves to the space above a desk, either by mounting it on the wall or attaching it to the work table itself, is a way to add more storage capacity. However, it can interfere with the use of the table unless the shelves are at the correct height.

There is no universal standard height for a corner desk shelf. Instead, the individual desk manufacturers and designers of the rooms place shelves at various heights. The normal height is between 12 and 30 inches. Some clamp-on shelves are a little more than one foot in height, while wall shelves and cabinets on a desk can be 2 feet or more above the level of the table. Prefabricated desks with built in shelves usually have pitch heights in the middle of this range.

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The way you plan to use the surface of your desk plays an important role in determining the appropriate height for the corner desk shelf. A desk for reading and writing the letter may need only a few inches away. Computer tables, which may contain monitors that are more than one foot in height, need additional cleaning. Under a lighting platform or a standing desk lamp pushes even more the need for space under a shelf.

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