Tips To Make Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Aug 26th

Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror should reflect both your image and your personal style. Determine if your taste is ultramodern, shabby chic or French country and start making a makeup mirror of your own. It is important to choose a mirror that fits your bedroom decor.


Decide what you want your mirror to do for you. Is this the place where you will check your lipstick or are you going to stand back to review your ensemble before leaving the house for the night? An integer mirror would work best for this. Read below for full-length ideas mirrors vanity. For quick touch-ups and to put up your hair by the end of the day, a smaller mirror will do fine. Try a simple square or rectangular mirror if you prefer the clean lines of modern decor. Join a long rectangular shape and attach a metal frame to it. Choose brass, chrome or tin and put a pink light to your vanity top to break up the cool of the metal. Go to a home improvement store and choose a regular wood border and paint a bright color, such as purple, lavender, yellow or red.

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The main idea of ​​modern decor is that the lines are clean, never fussy. Cheap painted metal frames are available online and at picture stores. See the link in resources for information on how to create a mirror. Choose a shabby chic-style vanity mirror if you prefer the comfortable look of worn, old-English style. Oval or round mirrors are ideal, but rectangular shapes work well. Find all types of mirrors on construction stores, flea cars and antique stores. If the frame lacks the shabby chic worn look, remove the frame and the pound some buckles in it with a hammer. Sand down to remove sharp edges and paint with a pale (very pale) shade of yellow, green or pink. Do this twice and when the paint dries, sand over the edges in random places to reveal wood and paint layers.

This gives the aged look shabby chic. Look for a round or oval frame for a French rustic style makeup mirror. If you do not find one in your price range, select a rectangular mirror but frame it with gold wood. Authentic gold wood is the best, but plastic look alike are available for much less. If you find gilt wood too heavy for your taste, choose a filigree casting and paint it a pale shade of shells and paint the border a sturdy yellow. Shop for a full-figure mirror, and mount it on the wall between two small bedside tables to create a vanity. An integer mirror is big and heavy and makes an important statement on its own. But if you want to frame it, use a simple image frame casting and decorate with color (or bets) that match the mood and color scheme in the bedroom.

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