Vanity Mirror With Bulbs Optional Decoration

Aug 24th

If you are looking for a glamorous space to make up, make your own vanity mirror with bulbs. This classic accessory has the charm of old Hollywood and offers uniform lighting for the perfect makeup. Once you have chosen the space to make up, grab the materials and follow the steps to build your mirror with lights. Choose where you want to put your mirror with lights. Measure the space where you will put it. Make sure you have the exact measurements of the width and length of the mirror. Buy a mirror with the dimensions taken in an item store or home improvement, or even in a thrift store. Buy the materials of the bar for toilet lights. It is likely that you already have several of the things you will need at home.

Get two extensions, a pair of scissors and hooks to hang pictures (of those with adhesive tape). You may have to go to a hardware store or a lighting store to buy the toilet bars and light bulbs. Use the type of light vanity mirror light kit recommended in the manufacturer’s box. Open the lightbar box. Remove the bars from the box. Remove the covers that cover the plugs. Leave the covers aside, but do not lose them because you will have to put them back after installing the bars for toilet lights. These usually reflect the same as a mirror, so they will hide the bases of the bulbs when they are reinstalled. Screw the light bars to the mirror. Place a bar on each side of the mirror. Place them in the exact place where you want them so that they are just flush with the frame.

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Depending on the type of light bars you have, you will see holes to screw in several places. Cut the extensions. With a pair of scissors, cut the end of the extension adapter. Do the same with both extensions and be careful not to cut yourself with the scissors.  It exposes the copper wiring. Once you cut in the middle of the cables, hold a cable in each hand and separate them carefully. Connect the extension cord to the lights. Cover the cables with wire nuts. Secure the bar cover for lights. Screw the bulbs. Grab the metal caps you removed at the beginning and put them back in place around the plugs. Screw a vanity mirror with lights cheap into each plug so that it is secure. Plug the extensions into a power outlet and turn on the vanity lights.

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