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Aug 24th

When you are doing your wall mounted bedroom vanity, it is important to be able to see yourself in good lighting. This will ensure that your color and mix options are the best they can be. Many women just have to choose to do their makeup in the room, often with a single light creates shadows that make work harder. Building a simple makeup mirror is not a difficult task, and will allow you to apply cosmetics much more easily. Select a mirror you want to use. It can be as basic or decorative as you wish, but it should be large enough that you can easily see the entire head from a distance of 2 feet. Place your makeup table next to a wall with a power outlet. Sit at the table and evaluate the correct placement of your mirror. Your eyes should be centered in the mirror.

With half the mirror above the eyes and half below. Mark your eye level on the wall with a pencil. Hang the mirror on the wall, with the midpoint, even with your eye level. If the mirror does not have clips or mounting wire on the back, use floating makeup vanity mirrors brackets available at any hardware store. Cut the female end off the first extension cord with a knife. Discard the female end. Choose a colored lace that is close to the color of your walls. Split the end of the extension cord with a knife and strip an inch of insulation from both wires. Rotate the cables on the extension cord with the cables in one of the light strips. There will be two sets of twisted cables: one for positive and one for negative.

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It does not matter which cable twists to which. Cover the sets of two twisted wires with cable connectors. Repeat this process with the second extension cord and strip the vanity light. Mount the toilet light strips vertically on each side of the wall mounted vanity mirror using the included mounting hardware. The wires should go down out of the light strips and behind the makeup table. Screw bulbs in the sockets in both bands. Connect the two wires to a power strip with an on / off switch, then plug the power strip into the wall. When the power strip is turn on, all the lights will turn on at the same time. Vanity light strips usually come in three, four or five bulb sizes. Select the one that best suits your mirror.

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